Tyler Barker dreamed of flying at an early age, his father retired from a local oil company as a geophysical draftsman and while growing up he was able to watch his father coming home in the company aircraft from business trips, while standing with his mother awaiting the arrival of the jet. Charlie Kirk, a company pilot, would let him help put the Cessna Citation (N410NA) in the hanger. While helping with the plane Tyler's lifelong passion of learning about airplanes began.  

While in elementary school, he attended the OU Sooner Flight Academy at the Ardmore Municipal Airport. On the last day of camp, the whole class was given a donated ride in a twin engine Cessna 310 (N1133Q) piloted by Bill Holbrook. This was Tyler's first flight that would change his life forever. 

To spur his love for aviation he joined the model aviation club.  With the help of his parents and the owner of the local hobby shop, Frank Jennings, he learned the basics of flight which built a foundation for what was to come in his future. 

Tyler's middle and high school years consisted of always having a "Flying" magazine or a Tower Hobbies catalog in class. One of his early aviation memories, while on lunch, was catching a glimpse of a small white business jet climbing out over the school or on a descent to the airport. Little did he know that one of these pilots flying the jet, Casey Smith, would give him his first pilot experience in the left seat of a Cessna 172 (N64224). This would be Tyler's first log book entry. Another pilot of the same jet, Jordan Rosen, would become a great lifelong friend, partner, and mentor to Tyler's aviation career. 

He was able to attend American Flyers in Dallas, Texas with the help of his parents. While there he earned his Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilots Certificate Single and Multi Engine, Certified Flight Instructor, Certified Instrument Instructor, and Ground Instructor Ratings.

In his early career Tyler flew freight in and out of Dallas during the night hours, also flying for a few local doctors who owned their own aircraft in Ardmore. He was employed by an oil service company for three years until late 2012, when the economy forced the closure of their flight department. 

Presently, he works as a Captain Pilot at Thomas Aviation Inc. flying the Learjet 60, Hawker 900XP, Westwind l/ll, and the Pilatus PC-12NG. When he isn't working, he can be found teaching or brokering aircraft sales at Barker Aviation, which was founded with aspiration to provide the highest quality of aviation services. This is his passion, love, and desire to be involved in every part of aviation.

"I'd like to say that I have made it to where I am today by myself, but that would be a lie. My parents have done more that you can imagine, along with the local guys (pilots) that I have been fortunate to meet. They have always treated me as one of the guys, even at a early age. There are so many great guys to thank. I've been able to fly almost every aircraft located on our airport. I believe that aviation is slowly dying out, along with people not being educated about what is available to them in the aviation industry. If I can teach just one person and help give back what has been given to me, then I've accomplished what Barker Aviation is about and what I represent as an individual.”
First Solo 
April 7, 2005

Private Pilot Certificate
April 7, 2006

Instrument Rating
November 7th, 2008 

Commercial Pilot Certificate - Single Engine
January 3,2008

Commercial Pilot Certificate - Multi Engine
January 3, 2008

Flight Instructor Certificate - Airplane
September 30, 2009

Flight Instructor Certificate - Instrument
September 30, 2009

IA-JET 1124 Westwind l/ll Initial Training
March 14, 2014

Simcom Training Centers - Cessna 414/421 Initial
May 14, 2014

Flight Safety - King Air 90/200 Initial
June 30, 2016

Airline Transport Pilot Certificate
June 30, 2016

Flight Safety - Hawker 700/800/900 Initial PIC
March 2017

Flight Safety - LearJet 60 SIC
​June 2017

Total Time: 6000+ 
Multi Engine: 4000+
Dual Given: 1000+

Jeanne, Tyler, Casey, Brody, Bill, and Parker Barker
2540 Executive Airport Dr,  Ardmore, OK 73401